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Hannah & Robbie

Three years ago, our niece Hannah Rose was the captain of two soccer teams and thrilled to finally be a big sister. Not a worry in the world, never a serious illness of any sort … she was just looking forward to entering the 8th grade. Then, our lives were turned upside down when she was suddenly diagnosed with two types of brain cancer. Two. Unrelated. Malignant. Brain Cancer. How was this even possible?

It’s been hard for me to write about this. It’s much easier to post pictures of tables. As I write this, tears run down my cheeks, and I realize that is exactly what the problem is.  Nobody really wants to talk about it.  It’s like if we don’t talk or think about it, perhaps we’ll be protected from this monster that kills 7 children per day in the United States alone.  That is more than TWO CLASSROOMS full of children EACH WEEK.  Think about that for a minute ….


Before Hannah became 1 of the 47 kids per day diagnosed with cancer, I had zero knowledge that September was National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  In Memory of our sweet Hannah Rose Duffy, I pledge to talk about childhood cancer. I will talk about Hannah. I will talk about how the National Cancer Institute gives 96% of their funding to adult cancers and only 4% for childhood cancer research – despite cancer being the #1 cause of death by disease in children.  WHAT?  Did you read that?  It’s actually less than 4% allocated to our kids!

Please help spread awareness and if you would like to donate to pediatric cancer research, you can purchase an expandable bracelet from Rustic Blueprint.

Hannah Bracelet
The Wind & Fire bracelet was designed specifically for the Hannah Duffy Foundation, in memory of our beautiful Hannah. “Cancer Never Wins…Only Love Does, Over and Over Again”. This sentiment, along with Hannah’s passion for soccer combined into the perfect design for this bracelet. It is available in both a silver and gold-toned finish.   100% of the proceeds from each bracelet back to the Hannah Duffy Foundation.

Click here to read more about Hannah’s story,

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